Top 10 Reasons for Being — and Staying — Monogamous

Peace of mind about STDs. Assuming both of you are true to your vows of sexual fidelity, then you dont have to worry about contracting any (or any more) sexually transmitted infections.

Monogamy is good for the world. Being a trusty monogamist is good citizenship as well as good karma: If youre faithful to your partner, then thats one less person that someone elses spouse can cheat with. Monogamists pay it forward!

Kink is for couples. Dirty sex the kind that might involve role-playing or spanking or a little light bondage is best enjoyed with someone you love and trust completely. Letting a first date tie you up? Not such a good idea. Plus, the more domestic and settled your day-to-day life is, the hotter it is to break out the ping pong paddle at night.

Monogamy is meaningful. Loyalty. Trust. Fidelity. Honor. Respect. These are all just words until your actions either give them power and importance or deflate them. Monogamy isnt meaningful because the church or government says so and it isnt meaningful because you wore a pouffy white dress and said you wanted it to be meaningful. Rather, monogamys meaning expands with each day that you and your partner commit to it. And thats some pretty powerful stuff.

Here are some of my favorite reasons for staying Monogamous. We were designed to connect and build a life with another. Staying monogamous, leads to a secure relationship and a relationship is only great when each partner feels secure. Only then can a person become all they are meant to be, which will lead to an open mind and soft heart to lean on. To read more go to

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