Understanding Emotional Unavailability

A relationship can be considered as a success if two people have been working together to try and make the relationship last. It is always a challenge for couples top maintain that level of love and excitement that they first felt at that very first phase of the relationship. But over time, many things can happen that will affect the relationship in so many ways. One of them is the problem of emotional unavailability.

Emotional unavailability is that instance where someone becomes detached with a partner emotionally. This can happen due to several reasons, both temporary and chronic. For whatever reason, it can seriously affect any relationship for the worse. If not addressed, it can cause partners to eventually break apart slowly until nothing is left. It is something that people who are into a relationship should try to look out for. There are many ways in which emotional unavailability can slowly creep into a relationship. Here are some of them.

Increasingly delving into past relationships

Some people have this problem of living in the past. They sometimes get it in the way of living in the present. This can get so serious that it can cause a person to become emotionally unavailable to a partner when he or she is needed the most. The problem may occur when the person increasingly yearns for what might have been. The feelings of regret will lead to emotional unavailability and eventually cause the current relationship to sour.

Becoming a control freak

Another reason that may lead to emotional unavailability is when people increasingly became overtly controlling of the other in a relationship. A partner who increasingly tries to take control of very situation and aspects of the relationship can cause the other to eventually become emotionally unavailable over time. Some partners may continue to give in to such controlling behavior. But it will someday lead to the partner no longer feeling anything over the relationship.

Being too secretive or evasive

There are also times when two people in a relationship suffer through emotional unavailability by becoming too secretive or evasive. Keeping too many secrets can lead one to doubt a partner’s honesty and openness in a relationship. Being evasive in certain areas of the relationship can also cause people to develop feelings of emotional detachment for the lack of trust and open communication between couples. This can also lead a relationship to go on the verge of breakup if they are not addressed immediately.
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