Friends You Don&039t Need

Friends come and go. You make friends not only for company but also for many other reasons. Some of them are not usually for good ones. In the process, you might see yourself accumulating many types of friends. Here are some of the types that you can live without.

Constantly Needy Friends

You may have your share of friends who never fail to ask for your help on just about anything. Of course, some friends would ask for help now and then. But there are just friend who keep doing it more often that you are comfortable with. They just feel okay trying to rely on you on just about everything. You are not doing them a favor if you keep doing what they want.

Put Down Friends

Sometimes you might have a friend that only seems to look into your faults. They highlight every mistake you make and try to downplay every good thing that you do. Although such behavior may be unbecoming of the proper definition of a friend, there are actually people who really belong to this category. Having such friends can only add up to your emotional baggage and you would be better off without them.

Friends Who Take Advantage

There are also certain types of friends who seem nice to you only when they want something from you. They become nice when they think that you are an advantage to them. But once they already have what they want, they are just as fast to disappear. Such friends can be considered as opportunistic and should not be the people you should surround yourself with.

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